Sag Harbor Express

One year after taking the job at Downtown Express, I was delighted to hear another Sag Harbor Express Alumn, a wonderful reporter that once interned for us and eventually took my job when I left for NYC, would soon be my competition as she took over editorial responsibilities at another Lower Manhattan weekly. Read more here:

Its Friendly Competition for Two Former Reporters

A sampling of my work for the Sag Harbor Express:


Giving the trapeze a try in Bridgehampton in 2007. Photo by Michael Heller.

I won a first place award from the New York Press Association in 2008 for this story, in the Sports Feature category. Had I not found the guts to actually try it, the story would have been a lot less interesting.

Hep is the Word for Go

Guys, Get Some Face Time

Cracking the Rock: Running the Shelter Island 10K

Surfing for Smiles (pdf)


Protest Pushes Cop Cuts Off Table

Whittling Down District Goals


And the Crowd Goes Wild

Whalers Push for the Playoffs


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